Birth date July 12 2012

When we first got Molly (July 30th 2020)  She was called Bandit. and weighed about 18.5lbs. She did not like any female person around her.  We suspect she was abused and left with food while in her hiding spot.  Partners for Pets Rescued her.

She started sleeping on and next to me right away. She is getting better when my wife lays down next to me. She has to sleep on one side of my while my wife is on the other.

Here you can see she is skinny and now down to about 12 and a half pounds. She's happy with her tail in the air and she is away from the bedroom. Much more confidence now. Still a little shy around Females but doesn't swat and hiss at them anymore. My step daughter has helped in this a ton and she loves my step daughter.

I'm Waiting for my food

I'm waiting for my food...

UPDATE 5/22/2022

She is now down to 9.2 lbs. Much happier and a lot of fun. But she still really shy's away from Woman (but that is from 8 years of abuse in her past)..

UPDATE 11/23/2022

She is now down to 8.6 lbs.. She is now trying to learn to deal with Prita (newest rescue).  

Thank you very much Partners for Pets