Birth Date Estimated August 23 2015

My newest rescue. I used to watch this cat sleep in the snow in my camera. I could never get near her for some time. This summer she was much more friendly to the neighborhood.  When I noticed she was no longer going in my back yard I started asking neighbor's were she was. Neighbor's said she was at scraps. I visited her on Friday August 11th 2023, Many people were very interested her. I Told SCRAPS that if she is not taken by Monday 14th, I would come get her. On Monday August 14th 2023, she was still at SCRAPS. Now I have her. She is very shy and very gentle. I'm hoping introduction to Prita will go well since she already knew Prita from the neighbor hood. Guessing she is about 8-11 years old.

Update 8/16/2023: I did scent swap with her and Prita (since there both down stairs, but Suki is confined to a bedroom. Suki was okay with it but it took a few days for Prita to accept Suki's blanket. 

Update 8/20/2023 (Sunday):  Suki door dashed me and I was worried Prita would attack her. But when I turned the corner in the basement to find were Suki had ran to, she was just sitting looking at Prita and Prita was just looking at me.  Prita didn't do anything, Nor did Suki. Suki then stood and walked around (at about 3 feet from Prita), with her tail straight up in the air with full confidence. I put Suki back in her room and decided to do a more controlled positive introduction with food. I brought food down and fed them at about 4 feet apart with out any issue. So decided to let them just be together. 

Update 8/21/23 (Monday): Suki went under the bed I usually sleep with Prita. This was after I worked a later shift and had to double back. So I let her stay there. First Prita just sat in the Bedroom doorway wondering why there was a cat under her bed. I was tired fell asleep. When I woke at about midnight. Suki was asleep on my shins and Prita was asleep against my face.. HUGE STEP.. Prita and Suki are far ahead of what Prita and Molly have done in 10 months.



Suki's Raspy voice

Suki and Prita eating together. The I had them play with toys at the same time. Both did well.

Very Lovable..

Suki eating with Molly and Prita.. I call it World Peace.