Prita, is a rescue and she is very wild.. After seeing her jump my fence with a mouse in her mouth, I was impressed. At first she wouldn't let me near her. Then she discovered I was putting the food out. Later I would be doing yard work and she would come up to me and rub up on me, unlike the other stray's that wouldn't let you get near them. I went to several neighbors. No one knew who she was neighbor said someone dropped her off abandoning her. So after about a month. I put her in the garage to see how she did. She wouldn't leave. She also would act affectionate, but then bite. It appeared to be play aggression and or a love bite. I contacted SCRAPS. I told them the situation, they said they could send someone to pick her up. I asked if I could adopt her. They said yes. So it was done. There were no tags or chip, so I had to get all that done. She is now all vaccinated and registered. The Vet put her DOB at October 4, 2019. The only reason I can see she was abandon, was she is a biter. I'm working with her to retrain her.

Update 11/23/2022: Prita has proven to be very intelligent. She rarely bites and she knows I will walk away if she does. She sits on command, does high fives, comes when called and goes to locations I tap on. She solves both cat and dog puzzles in less then 2 minutes.

First photo I got of Prita. At this point she didn't get near me.

This is awhile later were she started following me in the yard during yard work.

After adoption. Note the nice claws.. (She's my little Panther).


This is what happens when you hide treats on top shelf and she has no problem jumping 6 feet or more, and that is a 1/2 lbs bag of treats in her mouth. I did have them in the night stand drawer, but she figured how to get into it.


This is what happens when you try to call her through the Camera. (no audio included, I'm calling her by name through most of the video).

Spoiler, it didn't go well..

Prita's Bedroom after Catification.


Prita Solving puzzle in under 4 minutes that took other cats hours.


Prita alone solving puzzle in 4 minutes. It looks like she even took her time. I've bought her two other puzzles and now she does all of them in less then 2 minutes.

11/27/2022 - I used to put her treats in this drawer. I found it open recently and could not find any of the three bags of treats. I searched and found all three hidden in 3 different locations. All were chewed open and all treats gone. So I put a few treats in the drawer to see if she opened it or if I just had not closed it all the way. I found out she uses her claw and opens the drawer with ease..

1/10/2023 - Prita has been so smart at all puzzles I decided to get her a dog only puzzle that requires her to use half her weight just to drop the treats from the top bin to the lower bins. Didn't take her long..

Prita Decided to clime the Down Stairs Christmas Tree...


Prita, Sit and High 5


Prita Having fun with Jar.

02-01-2023: Prita, unlike other cats does not always remain on her feet when catching prey. This is why she was able to kill more mice then all the other feral cats put together. She will not let go of her prey no mater what.